New Victoria Justice Cell Phone Pics And Videos Leaked

Victoria Justice leak

Victoria Justice just had the 3 new cell phone photos and 2 new videos below leaked online (here are Victoria’s previously leaked nude cell phone pics).

As you can see in the video below, the first clip features Victoria Justice acting meta by being a tramp jumping on a trampoline at some Hollywood douchebag’s birthday party. The video then cuts to a 2nd clip of Victoria Justice drunk as hell, squatting over a toilet, and wiping her ass from back to front like a nasty hoe.

As if these new video leaks weren’t bad enough, 3 new photos of Victoria Justice checking out what her butt looks like in different outfits also just leaked. As you can see below, only one of the outfits does Victoria’s ass any favors… of course I’m not talking about the thong or the horizontal stripes.

Victoria Justice Victoria Justice Victoria Justice